Lake Sch-Nepp-A-Ho Campground Revised Guidelines

    For Lake Sch-Nepp-A-Ho Family Campground 2018 Season
    Common sense is your best advice. Should you require something special, or do not understand these guidelines, please feel free to ask us. We will do our best to accommodate you and your special needs. We want your stay to be safe and pleasant with us. This is our home! Please treat it with respect! You would not appreciate us digging holes, breaking branches off your trees or leaving litter in your yard, So we don't either.

    1.    Camping will only be permitted in designated areas only. Not more than 6 persons total will be permitted on an individual site. All campers are expected to keep their site clean and picked up of all trash.(bottles, cans, paper, garbage, etc.). Please do not use fire pits for burning or dumping your trash. Please use appropriate dumpster (located at the park entrance) or bag your trash and leave it at your site pole for pick up. Campfires are permitted in the fire rings only. (bonfires are not permitted). Do not remove,relocate or stack fire rings. No building materials or scrap lumber is allowed to be burned.

    2.   Due to Health Department Regulations, all waster water must be collected in a closed container (this includes grey water). No grey water will be allowed to be discharged on the ground. Washing of clothes and dishes is prohibited in the service building sinks or showers.

    3.   Children 6 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult in the rest rooms, arcade building, playground, and beach area. Children must be instructed not to cut through other peoples camp sites or play in or around the bath house. All children, including teenagers, must stay at their camp site after 10:00 PM unless accompanied by an adult. Please instruct children not to dig holes on the camp sites. Loud noise, rowdiness, or abrasive language will not be tolerated at any time. Some of our campers are children. Quiet time is from 10:30 AM to 8:00 AM. Please cooperated by having all radios and generators shut off by 10:30 PM. All bicycles are not to be ridden after dusk and before dawn.

    4.   Pets will no longer be allowed to be chained up and tied outside. They must be contained inside you camping unit or kept with you on a 6 foot hand held leash only. All pets must be kept quiet and under control and never left in the campground alone and immediately cleaned up after. Exotic pets, guard dogs, and certain breeds of pets are not allowed. This includes (Dobermans, Rottwielers,German Shepherds, Pit Bulls,or any other type of aggressive acting breed, etc.) and will be determined by this park discretion only at the time of your arrival. Pets are not allowed to dig holes, or be in or around the playground, beach area, service building, or any other posted location at any time.
    Enhanced Pet rules

    4a.   We are sorry! We do not allow pets in or around our cabins Due to health Department regulations.

    5.   All vehicles entering this park must display and show a pass at all times. All guests must register in the park office to receive approval, pay a guest fee and obtain and obey all park guidelines. Visiting hours are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM only! no exceptions. Overnight guests must pay an additional fee, obtain a vehicle pass, and park in designated parking only. ( check with office for locations). All campers, guests, are instructed not to park on any empty camp site at any time for any circumstances. No vehicle or R.Vv washing will be allowed in the campground. Campground speed is 5 MPH.. Children are at play and we must watch out for them. Scooters, motorcycles, golf carts are not allowed to be driven or ridden in the park except for transportation to and out of the park.

    6.  Swimming and wading is permitted in the beach area only. All children must be accompanied by adult supervision only. THE BEACH IS UNGUARDED, SWIMMING AND WADING IS AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    7.   Boating/Fishing is permitted any where on the lake except in the beach area, swimming area, boat landing area, occupied lake camping sites,or any other designated posted areas. Fishing is catch and release only and parents are advised to supervise their children. All boaters, including adults, must wear a certified P.F.D at all times while on the lake and must sign and understand the lake guidelines prior to lake admittance. (violators will immediately be removed from the lake, no exceptions). Boat loading weight limits must be observed, ( only row and electric motors are permitted on the lake). All boaters, swimmers, and playground attendees must be off and away from the lake, beach, playground area's by dusk.

    8.   Fireworks, sparklers are prohibited in the campground. No discharging of any type of firearms.



    There is a processing fee equal to the amount of the first night plus reservation fee for all cancellations. No refund if you cancel on the day of your arrival unless a proven medical emergency. No refunds due to the weather conditions, we are not responsible for the weather, FUN CONTINUES RAIN OR SHINE. All other proven emergencies, at the parks discretion only, will be given future credit for time left towards camping here during the current camping season only and is non-transferrable to others.

    These guidelines are subject to change without notice! Please report any problems to the office.

    ATTENTION: Your dated signature is required at time of your arrival stating you and all person's in your party have read and understand the above guidelines. By signing, you and all person's in your party have agreed to and fully understand that failure to abide by these guidelines by you or any member of your party can result in immediate eviction with no refund.


    We wish to THANK YOU and are GRATEFUL for you staying with us at Lake Sch-Nepp-A-Ho!

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